Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time for a change Faithy Faith and Davey Dave

Miss Faith Willman and I will be shortly filming a pilot for a new travel show based on my book. As part of our preparations we got a hair style dealy around to, you know, fix us :)

Here is the beginnings of a lovely day.


Ready for a change

[Ready for a change]

Um yeah, that's a freakin' mess, cut your own hair for two years Dave, really? Shut the fuck up David

[Yeah thats a fucking mess, great job Dave cut your own hair for 2 years, fuck off David]

Although did have some glorious moments

[In its full glory]

Going for a big change can be nerve wracking, especially if you look down and see a pasty white chest and you live in Southern California

[Anxiously wishing his chest wasn't so pasty white]

Yet if the right person is doing the job the during can be quite enjoyable ;)

[I am happy for some reason, any guesses?]

But then eventually you look towards the floor and see this

[The aftermath]

And not for any Lost or 24 type TV cliffhangers or anything, you tell everyone to wait for a little while to see the results, just cause Faithy had to go out you know, so we couldn't get all the results yet, sorry

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