Sleep tight your filthy motherfuckers

How sickening!

335am I must be glowing

This is one of THOSE blogs - Asia

So very generous

Where have I bloody well been?

The truth about what is about to come, fuck you rapture

I hate you science, you fat bastard

That's some sexy, sexy science

Don't ruin those girls, you bastards!

Vicious vicious criminal

You are so hot... now that you've been scienced!!!

This is not a drill

Really, really costly


A HUGE apology by me (and other capitalized words)

Unnecessary acts of violence

How stomach shrinkingly romantic

Things that shouldn’t be on TV

I have reached the top

What Jim Carrey was really saying to Emma Stone

I feel warm and fuzzy inside

How can you be so cold?

A solution to a world wide problem

How your life is at risk from a newly discovered yet very common disease

Kanye West vs Adolf Hitler, a study

Oooh, heaven is a place on earth

This blog has sex AND murder

I am one desperately dangerous dude

Things not to text to strangers

Bouncers get a bad reputation

How to lose weight and eat all that you want

David Tieck…… ACT…tor