Thursday, October 23, 2014

Todays Press Conference with David Tieck


I enjoyed doing that one I just did, as in the previous post to this one. The speed blog that is. I want to go again, this time I feel like speed poet writing, speed writing a poem that is.

I'm gonna put 1:42 on the clock. No 'there is still time' on this one. I get the word from a book, I don't think, just type, and when it's done I write that word as a title and post away. We're having fun here arn't we? All of us. Yay.

Mouth like a gaping wound
sure and well and fratted
I dont walk like a silent bassoon
I can help the child if he asks
DOn't forget
But don't go on with it
Oh fuck I forgot to start the clock
I'll start it now
Um, make it 42 seconds to finish
starting now
before the grape ring
before the helper silented
our giving tree exonorated
out mission to be jovial
no owning


Speed blog - let's try 2:37 this time.

My word is - Falls

I find when ever I fall over something that was left on the floor with the express or intense or um, whats the fucking word i am looking for, mother fucker, ahhhhhh, um you know, the fucker left the fucking thing there just in HOPE someone would fall over it, there is a word I'm looking for. Anyway fuck it. Every time I fall over something left on the floor for that situation, I just stand up, smile and get on with my day with a chuckle. Because I'm a nice guy, and I aint letting that fucker win.

Still have some time.

Oh, um can someone shoot the prick for me.

Yeah, more time. Wait. Done!