Friday, October 30, 2015

Sad Halloween

This Halloween I'd like to ask you all a favor. While you're out having fun, eating candy, bobbing for apples, eating witches hair spaghetti, drinking punch from the witches cauldron, making love to the witches broomstick, burning the weird girl down the road alive at a stake, eating steak cooked by Superman (ha ha, cute), and all the other classic fun Halloween games we all adore every year (well let's face it sometimes the steak is cooked by Batgirl, Halloween is no time for sexism or assumed binary gender roles, save that for world leprechaun day thank you), I'd like you to have just as much fun as normal.

Having said that, as the night goes on, perhaps before the stake is burned to the nub, and before the splinters are being tweezed out, just spare a thought for a moment or five, for all those sexy ghost pirate robots from space, with Jokers smiles, mermaid bottom halves, jungle cat tails, and Smurf coloring, and who are REAL. 

Normally they are the absolute center of attention, but then one day a year  strangely, inexplicably, they start having lots of people suddenly say to them 'nah, you tried WAY too hard' when ALL they did was put on some bunny ears. 

So sad.