Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lessons from quotes

'R2D2 more like Right To Do You, am I right?' - guy who says stuff with sexual subtext that's sort of sexy but not quite enough to actually be sexy

'Potato, more like - poo NATO' -treasonairre

'Wish you were here' - guy who would probably waste wishes should he ever find a genie 

'Bluggggaloooppply' guy who thinks he is good at coining words yet actually PEAKED at 'treasonaire'

'Dave' - guy who always thinks all quotes come from 'guys'

'Fuck off, I was trying to follow a pattern' Dave, the idiot from above 

'I didn't say that' guy who said that 

'If you're so smart how come you forgot dashes for a while' - guy who forgot -'s for a while but then thought compensating for that by writing 'dashes' was compensational

'Compensational - that's a good one right' - that word coining guy from above 

'This started out as an attempt to write a 140 character tweet, can you end it please' - tired author of this 

'No' - lazy retort by same author too lazy to earn drama

'Please?' - an often misused word

'R2D or something, who cares about the ending' - Dave

'Fuck off, you treasonairre, I will not stop till this is perfec' - guy who thinks missing the final 't' makes it seem like he purposely on accident finished mid word

'Dashes are fun' - - - - - - 'Yay'