Friday, February 27, 2015

The best day journey - Sandy Glass

There's an old saying that I'm coining as I type: 

'As one journey ends another automatically begins' 


That's kicks ass as a saying. It's like that door closing window opening bullshit that always mocks those who live in windowless homes, doorless homes and even the  homeless. 

Yet it misses none of the wisdom. There's a thing and then as a result of that thing coming to an end there's a different thing. Almost like as if without the thing there wouldn't even be a thing. 

And mine even rhymes. Or at least would if you replaced the word 'end' with 'Berlin' and aren't caught up with a need for your rhymes to be perfect. And if you are then this isn't a saying for you anyway, and you've just missed a trip to Berlin my friend. 

Oh wait, you could keep 'ends' and just add 'friends' and then turn some one syllable words into two syllables by doing some sort of weird accent. 

And that's just it with my saying, there are exciting substitution options. Just try that with the alternative. 

When a do-or closes 
A window Berlin. 

Doesn't make any sense OR rhyme! 

Also mine makes sense to my day, which was the best of my life. My 'journey' to Adelaide was completed, and my 'journey' to being an Adelaide Fringe Rock Star automatically began. 

Yep that's a kick ass new saying I coined. It's almost I took a thing and made a thing with it that wouldn't exist without thing.