Thursday, October 8, 2015

A conversation

Dan and Yuster had a conversation.

'What are you doing?' Asked Dan. 
'Huh?' Replied Yuster. 

And that was it.

Admittedly it wasn't much of a conversation. 

But in other ways it was. As questions literally went unanswered. Questions that were asked in the form of a questions. Questions like 'what are you doing?', what kind of a stupid name is "Yuster", is that like Yugoslavian or something, wait that's not even a country anymore, really makes you think, even things that seem stable, like entire nations, can dissolve, so this moment, this very moment, wow how fleeting, how beautiful, how unscientific, I mean science can't explain how this feels, can you science, CAN YOU?', and 'huh?'

Yep, questions sure were asked.

But in other ways more information was passed than perhaps any conversation could normally possibly pass other than by passing actual information. Yet isn't information that's passed that isn't actual information sometimes even more informative than other types of information, information like finding out that someone wants to know what someone else is doing, and that the someone they want to find out what are doing are too busy doing it to answer, and that obviously the someone who is asking should be able to just visually see what the person that's doing it is doing, especially seeing as this someone is close enough for the other someone to hear them asking that someone a question from the first someone's question asking hole. 

Yep, information sure was passed.

But in other ways an ambiguitous chasm between the polar opposites of information and question asking was exposed to the morning light, unless this was the afternoon, or not in an area lit with light, I mean we never found out when or where this happened, it could have been somewhere like Northern Norway where it could have been dark all day or light or night, I mean who knows, and no question was posed about it, and no information independently given, and no hieroglyphics were left behind to interpret, obviously this is no Yugoslavia, we sure are ambiguous about that. 

Yep, ambiguity chasms sure were tasked . 

So there you have it, Dan and Yuster had a conversation, and seconds later their entire universes were altered forever. 

Oh I should point out that Dan and Yuster are sperms, and this conversation took place moments before they were shot into Charlottes vaginal passage. 

Also I should point out that it totally turns out her husband's experiments with the microwave and cans of the sludge he found in the river ARE why they can't seem to get pregnant.