Sunday, November 22, 2015

A long time coming

If you ask me...

Eons Eons 
Did you say eons? 
I said Eons 
Eons Eons 
Eons Eons
Did they say Eons?
He said Eons
We said Eons
Eons Eons
Eons Eons Eons Eons
Who said Eons
She said Eons 
They said Eons

Would be perfect lyrics to a song satirizing the long held belief in the unraveling nature of the bruised egos of the shadow lurking, calamity unearthing, change birthing community of the sidebar dreaming lost souls, brought about with underbelly wrought, whisky soaked, gravitationally sound, purse rummaging miscreants and their handsomely rewarded, retreating, solitude seeking, found silence among a tortured benevolent direction seeking wise moon, in a culture divided by sliced walls glued with wads of the decimating nature of the climate of inoculated innocence that has penetrated the long wrestling compound sounds of the folk hellbent on straightening the roundness of life! 

You know? 

Or possibly even a song about people who like talking about 'Eons'. 

At least one of those two things. 

Then again, now that I think about, that would super confuse guys named Ian with best friends named Ian, when they are hanging out with colleagues named Ian, so yeah, probably just the first one then.