Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wet - A Poem

This is a fun one today, because I wrote it sleepwalking last night. My dream, like most other people's dreams, was mostly uninteresting, but so much so that within the dream so little was happening I stopped and started writing on my phone. I used to sleep walk write semi-regularly, tweets, notes on my phone, or in pads, mostly unintelligible rambles, but luckily today I was able to combine remember and interpret what I wrote. As you'll see it was most worth it...

Wet - A Poem 

You really never hear about people putting accordions in aquariums much anymore.
I guess that's why most of the accordion stars we all know and revere are not fish. 

See? How awesome was that? 

And now here is how it looked when I discovered it this morning...

Aquariums lllacordian you don't here. Ankh that much anymorrd 

Sometimes you just have to admit you truly are a genius. This may not be one of those times, but it's a good point anyway.