Monday, January 3, 2022

The years best "best of the year list" lists - Number NINE

Every year, at the end of the year, or the beginning of the next year - one thing is clear - every media outlet in the world does the same thing - produce one or more list of things they consider to be the best example of a thing that fits within some sort of easily defined category of that previous year. Lists like: 

Best songs of the year.
Favorite meals of the year.
Top ten people named Oliphan of the year.
Reasons why last year was the best year for King Lear. 
Best ways to mime a hornet attack.
And more. 

You’ve read or heard them all before. Over and over again. 

But ONLY here at Ok, Intriguing do we comb through each and everyone of these best of lists, and deliver directly to you, a list of the best of the best of lists, in our annual best of the best of lists, a list.

That's right, welcome to the Fantastical everyone - here is this years - Number 9.

Picture this - you’re in the Baltic States.

Nice right?

Well it gets even better.

Now picture THIS - you’re in the Baltic States and you’ve got a working television!

Woo fucking hell yeah motherfucker! 

Now it’s not just nice - nope, now you’re in a bliss zone of blissful blissfulness and/ or full of joy - cause you get to watch Channel 12’s News at 12 in the Baltic State of Estonia - a news program which ROUTINELY gets ranked in the top 17 news/ current affair/ or nature documentary program in Eastern Europe, excluding large markets, defined as markets with over a million residents, eg Prague or Budapest (pronounced Budaprecsht).

That’s right - News at 12 is the real deal. Bouncing out hard hitting news, genuinely emotional think pieces, AND some of the best post weather zingers in the entire former Soviet State region, in this case INCLUDING big markets such as Prague and Budapest (pronounced Budaprecsht).

But we’re not here to rate news programs, we're here to rate best of best of the year best of lists, lists - and in this department Channel 12 News at 12 in the Baltic State of Estonia - was OUTSTANDING this year.

Now let’s just deal with the controversy right up top - for OUR number 9 we are specifically talking about the Channel 12 News at 12 at midnight

We are NOT talking about the Channel 12 News at 12 at noon

And yes, we agree the Channel 12 News at 12 at noon ALSO had some great best of lists this year. Some really great ones. 

I personally enjoyed - "best Baltic states of the year that aren’t Estonia" - Some felt they should have included Estonia in the list - to see where they rate themselves - but I’m not one of those people. 

Plus, you know what - I bet half of those people don’t even WATCH Chanel 12 news at 12, noon NOR midnight - cause if they did - they’d KNOW that not talking about Estonia... Is . Their . Whole . THING! It's their SIGNATURE DANG IT! 

So don’t criticize if YOU DON'T KNOW. It was a great list. We liked it. Loads of people liked it. It didn't make our top ten this year, but that doesn't mean it wasn't great. 

What was SPECTACULAR though - in our opinion - was our official number 9 pick. 

That's right - it was the Channel 12 News at 12 at midnight - and their spectacular list: 

2021's Top Things To Do At NOON. 

Did it baffle some people? Sure. "Wait, I thought this was the news at midnight, why are they talking about noon?" was a common complaint. As was "oh shit, it's noon? my watch is broken".

But these people just missed the point. They didn't understand the pure mischievousness of it. The guts. The staff at Channel 12 News at 12 at midnight's face cheeks were practically bleeding from the deep tonging they were dishing out. 

We’re the things actually ON the list genius? 

You know what, probably not:

- Pay for brunch
- Return from your late morning walk
- Plan to mock a Lithuanian behind their back and then boast to a Latvian about it

 They were all routine every day Estonian things.

 Which is what you’d expect from Chanel 12 news at 12 at midnight.

And yet, when you know the program, you know to expect to not get what you expect from Channel 12, so when you DO get what you expect, you did NOT expect THAT! Genius. Then with the noon twist?? 

Fuck yes! Get on our best of the best of lists list, list Channel 12 News At 12 at midnight - spectacular, shocking, astounding and dang well exiting work. 

Join us again tomorrow for number 8. And are we heading over to Budapest (pronounced Budaprecsht)? No we are not. 

But where we do head, might just give you a sore neck, oh yes, a very sore neck. 


Ps. EVERY year is the BEST year for King Lear - it just keeps getting better and better! So Fuck off with your piece of shit hacky list - for shame