Friday, April 30, 2010

From the mouths of the innocent few

Tommorrows Ok, intriguing: Hell Yeah! Is coming live from an institution of higher learning, and with that in mind please find attached this weeks magical Questionnaire. Feel free to embrace or ignore the fact that these questions were all first asked of a playboy model.

What's your favorite place to be kissed?

Are you a natural blond?

hey what are things u do when ur bored ??

what are ur greatest assets ?

As always reply right here or email answers to

And stay tuned for awesome craziness type dealies :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time for a change Faithy Faith and Davey Dave

Miss Faith Willman and I will be shortly filming a pilot for a new travel show based on my book. As part of our preparations we got a hair style dealy around to, you know, fix us :)

Here is the beginnings of a lovely day.

Ready for a change

[Ready for a change]

Um yeah, that's a freakin' mess, cut your own hair for two years Dave, really? Shut the fuck up David

[Yeah thats a fucking mess, great job Dave cut your own hair for 2 years, fuck off David]

Although did have some glorious moments

[In its full glory]

Going for a big change can be nerve wracking, especially if you look down and see a pasty white chest and you live in Southern California

[Anxiously wishing his chest wasn't so pasty white]

Yet if the right person is doing the job the during can be quite enjoyable ;)

[I am happy for some reason, any guesses?]

But then eventually you look towards the floor and see this

[The aftermath]

And not for any Lost or 24 type TV cliffhangers or anything, you tell everyone to wait for a little while to see the results, just cause Faithy had to go out you know, so we couldn't get all the results yet, sorry

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey lover

Hey pillow, no no, you're the cuddly one, can I cuddle you? Really? Now I feel like a pervert. Ok fine, if that's the way you want it. Cuddle rape it is.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The magical questionnaire - celebrity edition

Several celebrities have decided to ask questions for the questionnaire this week how freakin' nice of them (or to ask questions on their twitter, but if they aren't doing it for Ok, intriguing: Hell Yeah! then who the hell are they doing it for? right!)

Comedian Arj Barker asks

How do u know he's the evil one?

Comedian Eugene Mirman asks

I wonder how long before Russia starts murdering journalists by lacing their food with the new KFC Double Down?

Conan O'Brien asks

Do I still have to tip her?

Steven Colbert asks

why isn't there a name for the meal between breakfast and brunch?

Russel Brand asks

Too soon?

Answer these questions so lovely provided for us by my celebrity friends (comedians I stalk on twitter) and reply right here in my comments dealy bit, or email me at

The first response will form the heart of the show, and all other responses will be covered, so be part of the show!!!!! Yay.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More more more times saying more!

"Are we end-stopping daaaahlings?"

Oh no I don't think I did this last week, I must bring it back this week, hardcore.

A poor sentence is - Everything turns on a dime.

I know Nate, because that is a fucking lie, and when the lying begins where does it end, like this - in Switzerland people have a nasty habit of licking out the bottom of the fondue bowl and then going out in public kissing street lights which could be a nasty spreader of disease if two fondue eaters kissed the same street light on the same night AND also could be deadly to moths, which would be disastrous.

Now look what I did, because the lying was started before me I have gone and told my own lie and now I have slandered a whole nation in a way which will forever more have people look at them and snicker and then feel sorry for moths. THAT'S how evil lying is. You bastard dime.

I wouldn't want this dropped from a building on me - it hearts your ears, a penny from the top of the Empire State building penetrates deeply into the concrete,

I have heard that about those pennies, but I haven't seen it, and because of that I think there should be a new national holiday where we chuck stuff off the Empire State Building, and I know Letterman does it on his show, but not from that high, and not awesome stuff like cows, and happy coincident.

I know you meant hurts, but I like hearts. In fact I think single people should carry around a toy mushy heart with them the size of a baseball, and when you see someone your attracted to you just throw your heart at their heads, and if they don't want your heart they can just chuck it back at you, and then even though you've just been rejected it reminds you of playing catch with your dad, which will make you shed one single tear, and then have her think your really sweet and sensitive and then she'll go shag some asshole on the otherside of the bar because you know, girls don't like sweet guys they like assholes, and so they'll leave you to wallow in your misery. See how much better that would be than the current system!

I'm baffled by - People's inability to distinguish Civil Rights from Contracts

I think its because they are both C words, and when I see that letter C all I am thinking is cunt, and cock, and coo coo, and cocklenoodle, and once those four dealies have entered my brain then I am off on a journey which takes my imagination down flowing rivers, in front of shiny yet speeding buses, and into space with wings that are arms but which work as wings, and then I am like, what, wasn't I supposed to be thinking of something important?

To answer your question, wait the other way

Chris says

The weird thing about yelling is?

We seem to be the only mammal this size that has to try hard to do it!!! I'd love to Yell freely, but it just hurts!

I know and that makes me mad, which makes me want to yell more, and then I am yelling at the pain cause by the yelling which leads to a break down of all society, and now there is no society which really makes me mad, and just as my rage gets so out of control that my head is about to explode it hits me, cartoon characters don't have real voices, they have other persons voices, isn't that kinda weird? Then the yelling kind of just drifts away.

One thing I would hate to have fall on me from a great height is Blessings? Because the greater the height they fall from, the greater an impact they may have on my life?

Yes and blessings are fucking vicious, I once sneezed and this girl walking past said "god bless you" and I am like "fucking hell, that's all I need, not just a blessing, but a blessing from god, the most powerful thing in the fucking universe dealy OR possibly even the most powerful thing ever imagined, and if he is only imagined then he can do fucking anything, like in your imagination he can have your fingers turn into peanuts and then have elephants come and eat your peanut fingers, and then have hunters come and hunt the elephant, and then have non-vegan food experimental enjoyment of that experiment people go "yeah I'll try an elephant steak" only then it turns out that out that out and that I made a mistake but I am running with it and then because of those food allergies you know to peanuts, they die, thats just how powerful an imaginary god can be, which is fucking psycho powerful which can be scary if you believe in such things, so how about keeping your blessings to yourself you bitch.

Wait, no that I think about it she was just being nice, sorry.

I'm baffled by the thought of destiny, if it is so, then why do I only seem to feel it when I'm not living in it!!?

Wow, you can feel it when you're not living it, ME ....... TOOOO!!! It feels a little naughty doesn't it? Yet it isn't and that in itself is a conundrum which can drastically changed your entire destiny in itself. Its a wild ride, Chris and I know, one day you may too.

Oh the new location for Ok, intriguing: Hell Yeah! is right here

Continue to be awesome, now there, good sir

A crazy happy enigma

High above blissfully falling fast

Joyfully swimming in the moat

My weird unexpected mysterious paradox

Changing mischievous impish needs

Silly out there randomness

Constantly unforseen belief altering

Bizarre peculiar abnormal atypical unusual

And joyfully blissfully owning it

Strange odd funny wild



Entertaining and fucking pleasurable

Orgasmicly defying expectation

Ferocious altering perceptions

Beautiful irony that it is

Having escaped my kingdom

I found myself between the warning sign and the fall

Now I have stepped beyond that yonder

I shall

Embarrass mere history

Embarrass mere history

Yes I shall

Yes I shall

Continue to be awesome, now there, good sir

Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to be relaxed - with Dave

The bathy drinky shower.

While running a bath use an electric shaver next to a cup full of your favorite beverage. Now sink into the warm, comforting water and have a few sips of your beverage now surprisingly full of beard whiskers, or whiskerfull as I like to call it. After a few moments you may now remind yourself that baths are kinda fucking boring, so stand up and have a shower instead.

If you are a person who enjoys a bath you may skip the whiskerfull drink, but you don't have to skip it.

If you enjoy a whiskerfull drink but don't enjoy baths don't think you can just skip the bath section, because drinking a beverage, whiskerfull or not, is very difficult in the shower.

If you don't have running water in your house you are probably not reading this right now.

If you have taken the time to read this to someone who does not have running water in their house the perhaps try spicing the story up for them by handing them something during the middle section. I suggest a glass of some sort of beverage.

If you think it is pretentious to use the word 'beverage' instead of 'drink' then you may have a point, but then again isn't the word 'pretentious' in itself kind of pretentious?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ok, intriguing: Hell Yeah! Ep 2

An interesting little show this one, we come live from my bed, in support of our sick friend Eliza, I figure out my perfect girl, and a mysterious voice comes from beyond!!!

Check it out :) Oh I didn't get to all the questionarre answers on the show, so I will do some proper blogging this week, to scrape some more insanity out of this brain of mine!

Tis magical' tis so

I have to do a Shakespeare monologue performance tomorrow so time to embrace my inner tiseses dealies!

What do you get to do that's even MORE awesome?????

Its the magical Questionnaire for tomorrow nights second edition of Ok, intriguing: Hell Yeah!!!

You can answer these questions anyway you would like, creatively, honestly, angrily, happily, what ever you want, and either email me at or just reply to them below, and we will use your answers to inspire our show, tis that awesomenessous.

Questions -

Sometimes coins are smaller than other coins worth less than said coin. Can you think of any other poorly worded sentences?

The weird thing about yelling is?

One thing I would hate to have fall on me from a great height is ________? Because ________?

I'm baffled by ______?

Have fun! I think we're going to do the show from a different site tomorrow as we figure it out, but same time as last week, 6pm US Pacific time Friday, and I will post all over the interweb more details tomorrow!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ok, Intriguing: Hell Yeah! The first episode :)

The first episode is here!!!! Yay. Thanks everyone who sent in magical Questionnaires, and people who were live with us. Hope you enjoy and join us again this week :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Less than 24 hours away!!!

Much less if you don't read this for a while!

Get your answers in for the magical Questionnaire and be part of tomorrows show!

Cut and paste your answers to these into a word type document and Dave, Faith and Eliza will turn it into hilarious awesomeness next week, completely improved, having not looked at them till we're live on air. Hell Yeah. You can also post answers here, I'll just have to be disciplined and not look till show time :)

Except the first response sent to us, which we will do something 'special' with. Grrr. Oh and answer these questions in ANYWAY you'd like, there is no such thing as a wrong answer :)

Email to

Ok, intriguing: Hell Yeah! Magical questionnaire One

Something which has intrigued me before is?

I have always found (fill in blank) weird?

The weird about dishwashers are?

Orgasms are awesome, but something I don't think is awesome is?

Any other comment I'd like to state or question I'd like to ask is?

And that's it. Tune in Friday to see how we use your answers to make the funnies, yay!

Oh eventually we're going to have t-shirts and stuff to give away as prizes for lovely people who fill out the questionnaire, but for now here is what I am going to do, at the end of the soft launch period of our first four or five shows I am going to pick out a favorite response person and give them a free copy of my book "losing my virginity 52 times" . Yay :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What time is it?

OK, intriguing: Hell Yeah! launches this Friday at 6pm in Hollywood!!!

Watch live to be interactive with us while we're on air, or watch later at your leisure for relaxing hilarity.

And now presented in brilliant not alphabetic - What time is that for you?


Addis Ababa SAT 4:00 AM

Guatemala FRI 7:00 PM

Nassau *FRI 9:00 PM

AdelaideSAT 10:30 AM

Halifax *FRI 10:00 PM

New DelhiSAT 6:30 AM

AdenSAT 4:00 AM

HanoiSAT 8:00 AM

New Orleans *FRI 8:00 PM

AlgiersSAT 2:00 AM

HarareSAT 3:00 AM

New York *FRI 9:00 PM

AlmatySAT 7:00 AM

Havana *FRI 9:00 PM

Oslo *SAT 3:00 AM

Amman *SAT 4:00 AM

Helsinki *SAT 4:00 AM

Ottawa *FRI 9:00 PM

Amsterdam *SAT 3:00 AM

Hong KongSAT 9:00 AM

Paris *SAT 3:00 AM

Anadyr *SAT 1:00 PM

HonoluluFRI 3:00 PM

PerthSAT 9:00 AM

Anchorage *FRI 5:00 PM

Houston *FRI 8:00 PM

Philadelphia *FRI 9:00 PM

Ankara *SAT 4:00 AM

Indianapolis *FRI 9:00 PM

PhoenixFRI 6:00 PM

AntananarivoSAT 4:00 AM

IslamabadSAT 6:00 AM

Prague *SAT 3:00 AM

Asuncion *FRI 10:00 PM

Istanbul *SAT 4:00 AM

ReykjavikSAT 1:00 AM

Athens *SAT 4:00 AM

JakartaSAT 8:00 AM

Rio de JaneiroFRI 10:00 PM

Atlanta *FRI 9:00 PM

Jerusalem *SAT 4:00 AM

RiyadhSAT 4:00 AM

AucklandSAT 1:00 PM

JohannesburgSAT 3:00 AM

Rome *SAT 3:00 AM

BaghdadSAT 4:00 AM

KabulSAT 5:30 AM

San Francisco *FRI 6:00 PM

BangkokSAT 8:00 AM

Kamchatka *SAT 1:00 PM

San JuanFRI 9:00 PM

Barcelona *SAT 3:00 AM

KarachiSAT 6:00 AM

San SalvadorFRI 7:00 PM

BeijingSAT 9:00 AM

KathmanduSAT 6:45 AM

SantiagoFRI 9:00 PM

Beirut *SAT 4:00 AM

KhartoumSAT 4:00 AM

Santo DomingoFRI 9:00 PM

Belgrade *SAT 3:00 AM

KingstonFRI 8:00 PM

Sao PauloFRI 10:00 PM

Berlin *SAT 3:00 AM

KiritimatiSAT 3:00 PM

Seattle *FRI 6:00 PM

BogotaFRI 8:00 PM

KolkataSAT 6:30 AM

SeoulSAT 10:00 AM

Boston *FRI 9:00 PM

Kuala LumpurSAT 9:00 AM

ShanghaiSAT 9:00 AM

BrasiliaFRI 10:00 PM

Kuwait CitySAT 4:00 AM

SingaporeSAT 9:00 AM

BrisbaneSAT 11:00 AM

Kyiv *SAT 4:00 AM

Sofia *SAT 4:00 AM

Brussels *SAT 3:00 AM

La PazFRI 9:00 PM

St. John's *FRI 10:30 PM

Bucharest *SAT 4:00 AM

LagosSAT 2:00 AM

St. Paul *FRI 8:00 PM

Budapest *SAT 3:00 AM

LahoreSAT 6:00 AM

Stockholm *SAT 3:00 AM

Buenos AiresFRI 10:00 PM

LimaFRI 8:00 PM

SuvaSAT 1:00 PM

CairoSAT 3:00 AM

Lisbon *SAT 2:00 AM

SydneySAT 11:00 AM

CanberraSAT 11:00 AM

London *SAT 2:00 AM

TaipeiSAT 9:00 AM

Cape TownSAT 3:00 AM

Los Angeles *FRI 6:00 PM

Tallinn *SAT 4:00 AM

CaracasFRI 8:30 PM

Madrid *SAT 3:00 AM

TashkentSAT 6:00 AM

CasablancaSAT 1:00 AM

ManaguaFRI 7:00 PM

TegucigalpaFRI 7:00 PM

Chatham IslandsSAT 1:45 PM

ManilaSAT 9:00 AM

Tehran *SAT 5:30 AM

Chicago *FRI 8:00 PM

MelbourneSAT 11:00 AM

TokyoSAT 10:00 AM

Copenhagen *SAT 3:00 AM

Mexico City *FRI 8:00 PM

Toronto *FRI 9:00 PM

DarwinSAT 10:30 AM

Miami *FRI 9:00 PM

Vancouver *FRI 6:00 PM

Denver *FRI 7:00 PM

Minneapolis *FRI 8:00 PM

Vienna *SAT 3:00 AM

Detroit *FRI 9:00 PM

Minsk *SAT 4:00 AM

Vladivostok *SAT 12:00 Noon

DhakaSAT 7:00 AM

MontevideoFRI 10:00 PM

Warsaw *SAT 3:00 AM

DubaiSAT 5:00 AM

Montgomery *FRI 8:00 PM

Washington DC *FRI 9:00 PM

Dublin *SAT 2:00 AM

Montreal *FRI 9:00 PM

Winnipeg *FRI 8:00 PM

Edmonton *FRI 7:00 PM

Moscow *SAT 5:00 AM

YangonSAT 7:30 AM

Frankfurt *SAT 3:00 AM

MumbaiSAT 6:30 AM

Zagreb *SAT 3:00 AM

Geneva *SAT 3:00 AM

NairobiSAT 4:00 AM

Zürich *SAT 3:00 AM

Why do I do it?

I was given a challenge in acting class today to ask myself why am I an actor, and then keep asking it over and over again, changing my answer each time, without editing myself.

As I have my finger in all the delicious artistic pies, I thought about it as why am I an artist?

Here is what I wrote

To explore my creativity with body, voice, and mind

To escape myself

To work with other interesting people

To explore different types of people

To be noticed

To entertain

To show what can be done

To have fun

To find myself

To be crazy

To let go

To be happy

To prove I'm talented

To prove people wrong

To be accepted

To be wanted

To be chased

To be told I'm good

To understand

To be understood

To be recognized

To make people laugh

To reach the world

To be seen and have people enjoy seeing me

To be free

To change the world

To change minds

To push boundaries

To explore what others are afraid to explore

To unleash whats too often held in side me

To discover

To learn

To challenge myself

To see what I'm capable of

To exorcise some demons

To matter to people

To be on a strangers mind, to be thought about and talked about

To be different

To be unique

To be diverse and change often and be random and to not know what's coming next

To strive to be the best

Why do you do what you do?

Monday, April 5, 2010

The first ever MAGICAL questionnaire

Here is how it works.

Cut and paste your answers to these into a word type document and Dave, Faith and Eliza will turn it into hilarious awesomeness next week, completely improved, having not looked at them till we're live on air. Hell Yeah.

Except the first response sent to us, which we will do something 'special' with. Grrr. Oh and answer these questions in ANYWAY you'd like, there is no such thing as a wrong answer :)

Email to

Ok, intriguing: Hell Yeah! Magical questionnaire One

Something which has intrigued me before is?

I have always found (fill in blank) weird?

The weird about dishwashers are?

Orgasms are awesome, but something I don't think is awesome is?

Any other comment I'd like to state or question I'd like to ask is?

And that's it. Tune in Friday to see how we use your answers to make the funnies, yay!

Come in and get crazy awesomenessous with us

Hey lovely people,

Its all happening, sort of

Ok, intriguing: hell yeah! is having a soft launch this week

Friday at 6pm US pacific time
Friday at 9pm US Atlantic time
Saturday 1pm AUST East coast time
Other times in your areas

Please note I am totally useless at figuring out time differences, and I will put a more details and possibly more accurate list later this week :)

So what is Ok, intriguing: hell yeah!

This is a brand new comedy talk show hosted by us and

We are

From Sydney, Australia

David Tieck - comedian, author, writer, improviser, border line insane

From London, England

Eliza DeAngeles - musician, singer, poet, all round rock chick hottness, crazy minded funny girl

From Phoenix, USA

Faith Willman - comedian, actress, improver, singer, cute as a kitten in a tree, and awesomely purpley

We are a talk show which explores everything intriguing in bizarre and absurd and hilarious ways.

And the best thing is YOU inspire everything we talk about! How? I hear ou ask if your still reading at the point

I'm glad you asked - And the answer is in TWO ways, that's right, more than one, and one of the ways has multiple ways, thats numerousness!

The two ways are

1. By sending us pictures. We will be shooting in front of a green screen, which means our background on the show can be anything we bloody want, and we want what you want because we want to be wanted and feel people want to be part of what we are doing and that. Send us any pictures you've taken or found and kind of think might be interesting to be the backdrop of a talk show, or pictures you think might inspire some humor from us. We will be improvising most of the show, and with a randomly changing backdrop all sorts of craziness shall ensure. Yay.

2. The magical questionnaire. This is a bunch of random questions I will ask you awesome people, which you can reply to in anyway you like, and will inspire what we talk about on the show. This questionnaire will change all the time, and anytime you want to suggest a question for the questionnaire just let me know. The first magical questionnaire will be posted on my next blog. The first responder will have a whole section of the show dedicated to your answers, the rest will be used live on the show as suggestions for us to improvise jokes off, yay, fun for everyone.

Send photos and questionnaire responses to please

We're going for a soft launch this Friday, which means we are starting out very simply until we can figure out all the technical stuff, and over the course of a few weeks we'll be building our set, getting the green screen running and sending out press releases. Any suggestions for anything will always be much appreciated :)

Oh we will be live in interactive on air, there will be a chat room and you can talk to us directly as the show goes on, so be part of it live if you can, or catch it anytime after.

Fuck me, this is getting long, basically it's

Ok, intriguing: Hell Yeah!

Check us out at this link

Friday, April 2, 2010

A premonition

It's forty two hours until I am due to turn myself in to begin my jail sentence and I have one thing on my mind - socks.

We were allowed to bring our own socks into the prison with us, and if I have one chance to express my individual comfortability, class, culture and chic awesomenessous you better believe I was not willing to mess this one up.

After all it had been a fashion mistake which had gotten me arrested in the first place. Lesson for you ladies and gentlemen - Never wear boutique custom blood red pattern leather pants with purple fringe when robbing a bank. Trust me!!!!

When blood red pattern leather pants get all sweaty they are bloody hard to get off, and that's going to make your getaway hell yeah more noticeable. Damn you David Lee Roth and your awesome passion for impractical yet gorgeous fashion. Damn you to hell!

It was time to go shopping. Sock shopping. And when I am about to go shopping for coverings for my feet one thing you can know for damn sure - Things were about to get sexy.