Friday, April 23, 2010

The magical questionnaire - celebrity edition

Several celebrities have decided to ask questions for the questionnaire this week how freakin' nice of them (or to ask questions on their twitter, but if they aren't doing it for Ok, intriguing: Hell Yeah! then who the hell are they doing it for? right!)

Comedian Arj Barker asks

How do u know he's the evil one?

Comedian Eugene Mirman asks

I wonder how long before Russia starts murdering journalists by lacing their food with the new KFC Double Down?

Conan O'Brien asks

Do I still have to tip her?

Steven Colbert asks

why isn't there a name for the meal between breakfast and brunch?

Russel Brand asks

Too soon?

Answer these questions so lovely provided for us by my celebrity friends (comedians I stalk on twitter) and reply right here in my comments dealy bit, or email me at

The first response will form the heart of the show, and all other responses will be covered, so be part of the show!!!!! Yay.

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