It's just unbelievable

Me on TV, more of this to come (hopefully)

Dave on Jay Leno

What a terrible waste of money

How to make an easy hundred bucks

Who had it worst?

Dave's Dam Days - Dear Eva Longoria & Tony Parker

Cash and poo and other good stuff

Religion explained

I guess he broke my heart

I have a huge ass - bad style


Ruining it for all the ladies

How are your orgasms?

Give the bullies a break

Dave's Dam Days - Dear John Mayer

Some people are so lazy

How to have all the power in the world!!!

The looming health crises?

You may not like it but really should probably hear this

Hey mirror, take a good look in the mirror, you asshole

Please squeeze my buttocks

Sometimes you just can't stay silent forever

Dave's Dam Days - porn and crackers

Notes from a guy with sex goals

Dave's Dam Days - scabs and bear farts

An easy way to a super fun evening

Dave's Dam Days - this milk kicks ass

Please don't do this to our kids

Don’t dump your trash here

Finally more is known about the cause of evil

Please don't hit her