Saturday, October 23, 2010

Give the bullies a break

Seems lots of people are talking about bullying these days and I have to say it - give the bullies a break please.

Think about it, school is the only time these people will have the opportunity to simultaneously be around scores of vastly smarter and better looking people than them AND a small bunch of so far undiagnosed retards and future jail rape 'victims' who haven't yet noticed that ganging up on and picking on kids who have futures makes them a punch line and routinely hated and considered pathetic.

This is but a brief opportunity for these kids - for the rest of their lives they won't have the opportunity to highlight just how inferior they are. In the prison/rehab/poorly-paid-no-skill-required-yet-still-about-to-be-fired-job where they end up their 'peers' aren't around to back up their stupidity because they are stuck doing things like beating up women because it's the only way they can get another human being to be willing to stay in the same room with them.

School ends up being the highlight of their lives. That's right - the period of time where they are displaying behavior so moronic that for the rest of their lives people remember and mock it is the HIGHLIGHT of their lives.

I was going to say 'that's like' now - but there is no possible just like it. These idiots actually celebrate establishing the pattern which ensures they have no future.

So give the bullies a break - they are the worst humans alive and they are only just about to find out. Fucking idiots.

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