Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Best Day of my Life unfurling - casual record movements

The best day of my life unfurling - casual record movements 

When it's the best day of your life as frequently as my days are, in fact I think I'm probably fast approaching a world record for the most consecutive best days that have been better than the last. 

Which I think will give me a world record for most world records when added to, among tons of other titles, these impressive feats: 

- the person in the world least distraught by the word 'drudgery'. In fact I find it charming. 
- most times crimes crying during one episode of Two and a Half Men - two!! (The little one didn't know what a Fallopian Tube was, awww). 
- Most hours smelling my own forearm 74,467 hours (beat the old record by seven minutes!)
- Most times riding in a submarine while simultaneously being at one of the highest points in the world (once, totally in my imagination. I didn't care for it). 

Wait I got sidetracked, the point is the best day of your life can happen in all sorts of ways. Today's went like this: 

- I watched some cricket, got lots of webseries file organization done, went for a walk on the beach by myself, broke seven or eight world records, including seeing the most ever grains of sand that at first I thought were car wheels - 6743 (in my defense they are both roundish). And then I wrote a blog on my phone, this one. If I post this while levitating over a puddle made up exclusively of the condensation scraped off an ice cold bottle of apple, pineapple and sad clown tear juice, it'll be my forth time and a new world record!