Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Prognosis Partiality

'There was a segment of ear phones there' he said to me. 

And I replied 'oh okay' and walked away as fast as I possibly could. 

I did NOT want to hear more about that. Seems like these days when people find segments of things they then don't want to shut the fuck up about them. On and on and on they go. NO ONE CARES. It's just a segment of something. 

We've all been there:

'Hey, I found part of a car, let me bore you with tales of it for six hours' they'll say. 

'Yo, I discovered a bit of a t-shirt in my underwear draw, and I'll now succumb you to a coma by sharing some source theories' they'll go.

'Oh I found a segment of that missing
seven million dollars from the bank in my wife's handbag, and when I confronted her on it she admitted that she'd been responsible for the crime, and also seven murders, twelve convenience store heists, and had once stolen an entire freight train which she had buried in our back yard but when I tried to to dig it up all I found was a full sized dead alien that was still eighty percent inside its spaceship that was made from laughter, happiness, opportunity, and fairness in such massive qualities that endless worldwide elation could be produced by merely sneezing on it, and I was hoping to borrow some pepper to help make it happen' they'll begin. 

Shut the fuck up! Talk to me
when you've found the ENTIRE of something you dick. I DON'T want to hear another fucking segment story. Some people. My god. So fucking boring. 

Oh on another note, I've lost a segment from my ear phones, if anyone finds them please tell me, it's so fucking annoying having to buy WHOLE new ones, when all you need is a segment.