Saturday, January 3, 2015

The poetry of the best day of my life - broomy

Another classic shopping list from me. 


Or is it? That's like poetry man, you can tell cause it's not enough words per line to be prose. Oh plus cause it's so profound. 

Milk - white, motherly, pure, apart from the delicious hormones, product of cheese and ice-cream, fun to let get really old and hide in someone's room, you know a prick that is, you wouldn't want to leave it in a nice persons room, maybe a nice person who deep down is an asshole, but that's a judgment call, curdable. 

Soft - like skin, love, rose petals, the way if someone was gonna punch you, like you couldn't get out of it, you we're definitely gonna get punched, well this is the way you'd want them to punch you, depending on whether or not you're going to punch back, or else you'll start a precedent you're not going to want to hold up, at least if you want people to think you throw a decent punch, touchable. 

Zit - gross, pusful, ugly, you'd kill your aunt to avoid one, even if she was nice to you, I mean it's not your super immediate family, and I'm not saying you'd have to murder her, this is like a magic world where you can swap zits for relatives, I'm sure some dark lord of the night does the dirty work, unless you really want to, but that's probably going to create a whole different transaction, you may have to cop a blackhead still, or maybe a back zit, but if she offers a coldsore DONT take it, untouchable. 

Deo - some random abbreviation, waste of fucking space, stupid. 

Yep, It's poetry man. Awesome poetry. 

Yet found in a random trip to the store, where I was going to buy what? Stuff for a spell? What am I a fucking witch?