Saturday, August 8, 2015

Down down there

'You can't climb a valley'

Yes wise words, wise indeed, wiser than say eating a block of wood, to name just one example of something not as wise, although there are probably even more potential examples out there waiting to be discovered. Potentially as many as a dozen. 

You know what? 'Potential can suck a dick', I had potential as a monkey wrangler when I was ten, and look what's become of me. When was the last time I wrangled a monkey? This past Tuesday, that's when. Well pros do it every hour on the hour every hour, so I am no pro, so fuck potential, let's name them all! 

Things less wise than 'you can't climb a valley' include:

- Eating a block of wood.
- Making a movie based on the Novel 'Scum Sundaes' without the lead character being lactose intolerant due to PC 'don't make fun of lacties' bullshit, and therefore literally flushing the drama down the toilet like a lactose free turd.
- Taking photos of memories of photos. 

Ok, I think that's it. Yep, potential, maybe the worst thing ever conjured by man. Oh no, wait..

- Conjuring up the theory of potential.

Still far less than a dozen, fuck you chickens.