Tuesday, July 2, 2019

No way

Wait (ha ha) just a god dang minute. I just heard a rumor, and I’m sure it’s  just a rumor, but your know the ol’ sayin’ “it a rumor it be, then truly, I’m not joking buddy, getting stung from a bee f’n hurts dick” and I’ve BEEN stung from
a bee, and BY a bee, so I believe this shit. So the rumor my friends is this - Elephants remember at least the occasional thing somethings

“No way” I hear you yell.
“It’s a rumor” I reply.

Now. See that beehive? The one over there? Want to insert it into your urethra?

No you don’t!

The lesson is clear.

Elephants are MORE than anyone has ever imagined before. This isn’t the end of this. You can be sure of that. (Ha Ha) God dang right it isn’t...