Chapter Three. Unbounded, unless you’re holier than nippy, in which case SUPER bounded

Look at you, you talent rich talent

Ice – A poem

The struggle of the dancing whiff of real - A Poem

All tied up

Ponder it at least. At LEAST please.

Cunningly Expetational Shrewdicitiy - A Poem

Chapter Two. Innocuous. Unless you’re indignant. In which case SUPER oculus.

Chapter One - Inaudible. Unless you're close. In which case SUPER audible.

Can you see it?

The jeannie is out of the bottle and she has a whole lot of being cooped up to shake from her noggin' so she's gonna dance till the caps of the highest knees touch the ice crisp sky

In between the middles

Wow, and I mean like... wow! - A Poem

Breaking News - Exclusive PROOF of intergalactic Aliens being in America, that literally goes all the way to the TOP!

Perspective Infective - a Poem