Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ponder it at least. At LEAST please.

Hello everyone. I am sorry to be the barer of bad news, but I was just handed a card with the news on it. And I am afraid it is official - it turns out that the thing gnats with slightly too much access to their local garden center's upper management Salvation Army fundraising dinner coffers would think if they fantasized about gaining slightly too LITTLE access, has been revealed, and is as follows...

'I'm not sure if TOO many gullies are named after ferns. Or not enough are named after bastard children of cave dwelling hypoglycemia smelling souls of leather shoes. But either way. STOP IT!'

Everyone here at the show wishes you the best in dealing with this news.

PS. We don't fucking know how the gnats got slightly too much access, do we look like we're in fucking in charge of coffers?

PPS. Sorry again. A gnat had a gun to our heads and made us say that.

PPPS. Still makes you think right? And that's something I think we can ALL think about. 

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