Thursday, April 8, 2010

Less than 24 hours away!!!

Much less if you don't read this for a while!

Get your answers in for the magical Questionnaire and be part of tomorrows show!

Cut and paste your answers to these into a word type document and Dave, Faith and Eliza will turn it into hilarious awesomeness next week, completely improved, having not looked at them till we're live on air. Hell Yeah. You can also post answers here, I'll just have to be disciplined and not look till show time :)

Except the first response sent to us, which we will do something 'special' with. Grrr. Oh and answer these questions in ANYWAY you'd like, there is no such thing as a wrong answer :)

Email to

Ok, intriguing: Hell Yeah! Magical questionnaire One

Something which has intrigued me before is?

I have always found (fill in blank) weird?

The weird about dishwashers are?

Orgasms are awesome, but something I don't think is awesome is?

Any other comment I'd like to state or question I'd like to ask is?

And that's it. Tune in Friday to see how we use your answers to make the funnies, yay!

Oh eventually we're going to have t-shirts and stuff to give away as prizes for lovely people who fill out the questionnaire, but for now here is what I am going to do, at the end of the soft launch period of our first four or five shows I am going to pick out a favorite response person and give them a free copy of my book "losing my virginity 52 times" . Yay :)