Sunday, June 21, 2015

Profound Thoughts - A poem

'You can never ever see your own face' thought the small boy, one night while lying in his bed, looking up at a glow in the dark universe of stars stuck to his ceiling.
'Oh yes, in pictures, and reflections, but those are reversed, two dimensional, flawed'
'Ok, well if I scrunch my face up I can see the top of my cheeks. And I can see the tip of my nose'.
'And yes if I protrude my lips forward so I can see those. And my fully extended tongue is quite visible.'
'And of course I am an identical triplet, there are two other identical faces out there, in those rooms adjacent to mine'.
'And the three of us did just star in the latest 3D blockbuster where we got to see huge three dimensional version of ourselves and our identical brothers.'
'But other than that, I'll never see my own face'.
'Kind of weird'.
'Sort of profound'.
'Beautiful in a way'.
'Outward appearance may dominate much of my existence and yet I'll never truly know my own'
Just then a grizzly bear broke through his bedroom window and ate off his face.
Only his brothers were in the sequel.