Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pulsating Choices

Roger danced like a swan, swanning on like a swan that was swan dancing up a storm that would soon rain down with such swan like volume that said swan was destined to soon have new places to swim for a whole month, although so would swans other than this swan, who despite being swans who were just as swanny as this swan, and therefore capable of swan dancing up storms themselves, had left it to this original swan to do all the work, and yet were more than happy to enjoy the rewards, with barely a hint of gratitude, which is why Roger was now swanning on like a swan that was swan dancing up a storm so intense that these other swans that had failed to swan dance themselves, would soon be swan lightninged to a crisp!  

Stephanie, watched on, mouth agape, now becoming concerned, forlorned and disenchanted, as she was beginning to wonder if this holistic healer was not going to cure her husbands recent decapitation after all. And she was going to have to, reluctantly, abandon her hippy ideals and accept the help of regular modern medicine. 

Although, really, how numb skulled and damn stupid can someone be, how utterly and completely devoid of basic common sense? I mean what kind of idiot goes to an Holistic Dance Surgeon named 'Roger'?