Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Best - on the road to Adelaide

There's nothing like a long day in the car by yourself to make you realize a few fun facts about yourself to tell yourself about yourself. Today I've realized that: 

- I definitely like listening to comedy albums at least as much as I like listening to music albums these days. 
- it's fun to plan to take every scenic route you see. 
- it's less fun when you barely find any. 
- Even less fun when the only one you find accidentally takes you in the opposite way you meant to go. 
- I still really like snacks. 
- signs that say 'beware of the snakes' only make it more scary when you walk through a spider web. 
- walking through a spider web is even more scary than normal when you have your penis out. 
- Peeing in the wilderness isn't as freeing as I'd hoped. 
- the distance between time and space is blatantly obvious, depending on where you begin and end divided by the meaning of all existence as summed up in the movement of a slug on the floor of a truck stop snack section. 
- I've been looking forward to having a big chunk of time on my own, it's been ages since I've had this much time to just think. 
- turns out I'm lonely, I've had too many people around to notice.
- It's fun going on tour. 
- I hope this phone service hangs in, I've been driving nearly 12 hours, I'm ready for a nap. 
- or a snack. 
- yay that rhymes. 
- today is the best day of my times. 
- boom.