Friday, December 12, 2014

The Best Day of My Life Principal – Pop Quiz

 Pop quiz: if you look up the definition of 'look up the definition of' in the dictionary what happens next?

A. The definition is hard to find because of an alphabetizing quirk.
B. All time and space collapses in on itself.
C. A vent opens in the ceiling and a balloon slowly floats out with 'well done' printed on it.
D. A man creeps out of the nearest closet in a dark suit and intones 'we've been waiting for you'.
E. An all out war breaks out between those who support quintessential freedoms and those who don't support them because they can't spell 'quintessential'.
F. Your friend turns to you and says 'pff, you still look things up in the dictionary? What a loser'.
G. All of the above because today was the best day of my life!

Obviously the answer is E! No wait, wait G! Because it's that time again, the time for me to talk about how today was the best day of my life.

And oh yes, it t'was a doozey, I watched some cricket, did some acting, ate some yummy food, skipped exercise for a whole day for the first times in weeks, and I looked something up in the dictionary like the non-conformist hard core badass motherfucker I am. I mean I can't remember what I looked up but for some reason my left leg just circumnavigated the moon without me, so what ever it was it must have been pretty damn sweet.