Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Best Day of My life Brilliance – Oh my

It’s 4:37am as I begin to write this. I’ve been working non-stop since I woke up at the crack of 12:45pm. I am utterly exhausted and yet I am not going to bed quite yet, because my day has been so wonderful, brilliant even, that I can’t go to bed without writing about it here. I just can’t.

Wait. Did you just look at me like wryly? As if you think I am being sarcastic? Like you doubt the sincerity of that above statement?

Well don’t look at me like that please. I really am not being sarcastic. Why would you think that? Plus isn’t ‘wryness’ more of a tone or mouth style, rather than a way of looking at someone? Why would YOU defy the very meaning of a word, possibly, I am not really sure to be honest, and I am too tired to look it up, but why would you do that and then accuse me of being sarcastic?

Oh fuck, I almost think I am talking myself into thinking that I was being sarcastic, by protesting too much. And I don’t really care for protesting. Unless it’s for something you really super believe in. And I don’t really care for doing anything too much, because by definition ‘too much’ means ‘too’ much. Although I am too tired to look that definition up. Also if I use the word ‘too’ too many more times I will feel I will have used ‘too’ too much. Which by definition I think would mean that I’d used it ‘too’ much. Oh my.

The point is today was brilliant. The best day of my life even. Lots n lots n lots of work on our webseries. Just the right amount of work. Not too much work at all.

No, I’m not being sarcastic. Ok, no, ok I’ll accept that. But only because you didn’t look at me wryly.

Um, yeah, they CAN both exist at once

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