Sunday, December 21, 2014

Um, yeah, they CAN both exist at once

Still need a perfect Xmas present to show all your friends and family how much you love them?

Get - Ok, Intriguing: Hell Yeah! Awesomenessous

Or do you need something to distract you from how much you secretly hate all your friends and family?

Get - Ok, Intriguing: Hell Yeah! Awesomenessous

Super Awesome Funny Superstar Michael Ian Black calls it a

'Very Funny Book'.

I didn't even make that up, it's true! And yes I know that just because I didn't make something up doesn't mean that it's necessarily true. Obviously. I mean I didn't make up Caveman Styled Stove-Top Battery Powered Sponges. How could someone make that up? It's almost impossible. Anyone who could conjure the mere thought of putting those words together, let alone in that order, would have to be a mad genius. Yet, there they are. And also the above quote is true, and is about this book. And is an accurate and truthful quote. I think I have just finally proven that you can pretty much trust anything you hear. That's got to make life a bit better right? You're welcome.

You can buy 'Ok, Intriguing: Hell Yeah! Awesomenessous' at all these awesome places: 


Amazon UK

Barnes And Noble




And other places. Or order it through your local bookstore.

Oh while we're at it. Why not add in an awesomenessous copy of:

The Embarrassing Memory Murderer


Losing My Virginity 52 Times

Don't you owe it to/ hate your friends and family enough?

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