Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Paramount Day Project - Brutal Freedom

Today was the best day of my life and I'll tell you why, because there is great art in this world people. In fact it is all around us, like a big donut hugging us tight in its hole.

I was reminded of this today when I had the great fortune to run into an amazing public art performance. It was quite astounding, a lady was performing a piece of free form poetry, fit to an extremely challenging and audacious tempo, that somehow perfectly caught a flawlessly engaging pulse and rhythm, that on the surface was raw, crude even, but struck the ear with a gorgeous juxtaposition of grind and smooth. She spoke her words with a truthful menace that brought genuine fear to those who witnessed it, and yet despite the flow of the words, and the construction of her syllables being almost magically in sync, the actual words she was speaking seemed to matter not.

It was truly awe-inspiring.

Of course just as I stumbled upon her performance the cops were arriving, for as is the unfortunate routine, the authorities fear the Avant-Garde, and so shut it down. But for a fleeting beautiful moment or so, like great art often spans, those of us lucky enough to be there saw a gorgeous painting of a performance, in all its raw, improvisation, rage spewing, saliva spitting, skillfully ferocious livid brilliance.

Well ok, in the cops defense the artist didn’t let’s say ‘know’ that she was making art. She was actually crazy meth head screaming at her deadbeat boyfriend about how 'farkin worthless a cunt he is' and seemed to be ready to rip his intestines out through his eyeballs.

But I’m dead serious about her locking into an amazing rhythm and tempo and groove, and genuine truthful creativity. It was honestly amazing.

I'd have filmed it if I could have.

But as is unfortunately often the routine when stumbling upon unintentional art, I was scared of her stabbing me with an aids needle, or possibly screaming at me until a teeth flew out and got imbedded into my skull.

So I merely watched for a few moments in my peripheral vision, and reminded myself that like a huge cream cheese bagel hugging us with its delicious cheese creamy covered hole, art is all around is, even if it is sometimes aimed at ‘farkin’ cunts’.