Monday, March 23, 2015

A pretty common conclusion

And then the last person on earth said - I wonder how I’ll be remembered?

It was the most wonderfully ironic thing thing ever uttered.

Up to that point at least.

And a lot had happened up to that point.

All of human existence for one thing.

Although that is hardly one thing.

In fact some would argue that each individual who made up the existence of humans were themselves an individual thing.

But then some would argue that each individual who made up the existence of all humans were themselves made up of more than one individual part.

Like most of them had two legs for example.

Some body parts came in even more than pairs.

Like nose hairs, or leg hairs, or even head hairs, at least on some individuals.

Also I guess you could count toes in this category.

But each individual toe does have it’s own personality. In fact I believe most of them even had their own individual pig story.

And pig stories kick ass.

Like check this one out – there once was a pig that was so cool that people totally liked it, and took photos of it, and sometimes talked about it even when it wasn’t in the room. Which it hardly ever was, because pigs mostly live outdoors, except for the occasionally unnecessarily spoiled pet pig. Which is always a little silly, given that the ways they are spoiled are normally more commonly associated with spoiling a child, or perhaps a dog or cat, and if you really wanted to spoil a pig in a way that would make IT the most happy, then probably just dumping it in a pile of mud would be efficient.

That’s a kick ass pig story.  

And the conclusion to it, which kicked ass, was literally only efficient.

So what really is an individual? How can that be deciphered? And if it can’t then how can anything be fucking deciphered?

Am I real?

Are you real?

Is anything real?

Where is up? Where is down? Aren’t those really just relative?

Aren’t we all fucking related?

And who are the people arguing this shit, I am the last fucking person on earth for fucks sake?

And why did I start thinking in the third person?

The last person on earth had become flustered.

It was a pretty common conclusion.