Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Two Little Dickheads are in EDINBURGH!

Two Little Dickheads 

This is what happens when a cabaret clown and an improv master with a shared passion for cats spend way too much time together. 

A diamond-encrusted explosion of silliness, making the ordinary extraordinary. 

‘It is something strange and wonderful and I want to go again' (

 'Jeeze Louise, this was fun. A bombastic doozy if ever there was one' ( Multi award-winning performers.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Leaf - A Poem

Leaf - A Poem

What makes a leaf?

What makes not a leaf? Fucking most things. I answered my OWN question, dick.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Signs your pet Barracuda is badass at practical jokes

Signs your pet Barracuda is badass at practical jokes

‘Tis a sad truth, that despite our best and most purest of efforts, many of us won’t achieve true greatness. And regardless of our refined and generous hearts, many of us will never be bestowed with everlasting love. Yet there’s still hope for a happy life. Yes, no matter our failings in other areas of life, we too may one day own a pet Barracuda that’s bad ass at practical jokes.

Here’s a handy list of signs that the pet Barracuda you have circling your bathtub right now, is in fact simply bad fucking ass at practical jokes...

- It once ran for parliament and used the campaign donations to throw a margarita party.
- For three years it had you CONVINCED it was actually a barramundi.
- Every-time it has hidden in your toilet to fright you, it’s managed to bite you EXACTLY on the taint, gooch or equivalent.
- Its farts smell like Otter queefs.
- It’s the very fish who populated the long held fallacy that if you paint an ancient Egyptian pyramid fluorescent purple they automatically shoot lazers that render Harley Enthusiasts impotent, which led to the recent 0.012% increase in fluorescent purple paint, and in a ballsy counter play, a 0.0092% increase in Harley sales.
- It’s never once led a panty raid on any sorority that had previously declared a truce with all aquatic, amphibious and/ or ambidextrous creatures. (Well thats not so much badass as classy, but then again classiness itself is definitely badass).
- It’s flawlessly ambidextrous despite possessing zero limbs.
- It sometimes glues mannequin limbs to itself, then goes clubbing under the name Sir Barra-Von-Cuddington, and seventeen thousand, twelve hundred, and forty two strangers it’s met while flirting in the bathroom lines, have now donated to its ‘save the urinal cakes’ fund.
- It’s queefs smell like Otter pimple discharges.
- It once ran for mayor, and used all the campaign donations to open a bar called ‘Tis’ which is located inside a wildebeest, and is now the hottest bar inside a wildebeest this side of Detroit!
- The Margaritas in said bar are two for one, as long as you ‘pants’ the fish standing next to ya!

Yes ‘Tis a validity, as hopeful as it is honest, that anyone could have a pet Barracuda that’s badass at practical jokes, if yours is as such, congratulations! And god save the urinal cakes.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Today’s question is.... revealed in this blog

Today on - Today’s question is - we have the usual, todays question - so please give a big today’s question cheer for today’s question - coming up momentarily - and now without further ado, and possible devoid of ado period - or is it adieu? - I don’t know, it’s not important - because it’s time for...


If butts were made of poop. And poop was made of whatever butts are currently made of. You know butt skin and butt chub and stuff. How quickly would you give up eating clam based taco shells? 

B. Depends how soft these new ‘poops’ are? 
C. Why would someone make a taco shell out of clams? 
D. In this scenario what’s my ‘front butt’, so to speak, made out of?
E. Why do you assume I have to ‘give up’ clam based taco shells? Why have I been eating them? Who made me damn it? What is this horror world you’re describing? 
F. Would I still have to give up clam based ‘faux’ crab shells, cause NEVER! 
G.  Why did you even pose this? 
H. Plus ‘butt chub’? You couldn’t google the technical term you gross bastard? 
I. Although, ha ha, ‘butt chub’! 
J. Oh shit, is this a list? I thought it was multiple choice question.
K. You fooled me you dick. 
L. Fuck you. 
M. Eat a bag of dicks you dick.
N. No wait, a big bag of butt chubs! 
O. Ha ha, I used your own foul thoughts against you! 
P. Take that.
Q. Oh shit, I just thought about clam based taco shells again. 
R. I hate this quiz.
S. I really fucking hate it. 
U. Wait, where is T?
V. I’ve come this far and I don’t even get a T? 
W. That’s my fucking favorite letter to make shirts in the shape of! 
X. I HATE you. 
T. Fuck you! 
Y. All of the above. 
Z. None of the above. 
T. You clammy f’n dick! 


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What Chewbacca Probably Thinks About While Trying To Fall Asleep


Ahhh. It’s so nice to have my head on a nice soft pillow. Man, what tough day.

Well done today buddy. You really shone in hard circumstances. Great work. Seriously. You were amazing.

Sure I didn’t get a medal, or a reward, again. Or get to be the center of attention. But I know that I was JUST as heroic and important to the mission as the others, and if I know that, then that’s enough right?

Hey if I risk my life and just survive then even THAT’S enough right?

I don’t do it for the plaudits. I do it for what’s right. And to save the people I care about. To be honest, in some ways, not being one of the ones honored in the end is maybe even a BIGGER honor. I wasn’t personally rewarded, so no one can EVER say that I was only in it for the rewards right? I risked MY life to save OTHERS. Period. No other end game. I don’t need to be remembered. I don’t need to be the one getting applauded. I just did it. That’s real heroism.

Still, an award would be nice. Remember when at school that Guidance Counselor said if I didn’t start applying myself and lift my test scores then the most I could hope to amount to would be to become meathead nightclub bouncer or something? Well I DIDN’T apply myself, and flunked biology AND woodwork, and I’m going to end up helping blow up the Death Star! Twice! Man if I DID have an award I would so go stick it right in that Guidance Councilors stupid face. That would be sweet.

But still it’s not WHY I do it. I can’t think that way.

Cause, man. I could have died today. Wow.

You forget in the moment. But I really could have DIED today.

That’s big.

I wonder what would become of me. Would I get buried? Or burned? Would I just disappear like Ob-Wan? Oooooh I hope I end up becoming a rug in a log cabin. No no no, in a Ski Chalet! That would be sweet. Near a fire. Maybe with someone’s pet kitten or Ewok curled up asleep on me. That’s how to spend eternity. I’ll probably end up just a coat or something though right? I wish I wore clothes. I bet I could rock a pair of leather pants. Although I bet if I tried Han would just mock me. For a guy that seems to wear the same damn shirt every single day, he sure is judgmental of other people’s fashion choices.

Anyways, stop thinking about it Chewie, you know you never get to sleep when you go down these paths, and besides I’m sure you’ll risk your life for nothing again tomorrow, won’t you big fella, so you can save these thoughts for after THAT adventure.

Wake up. Get blasted at. Blow something up. Watch Han get the rewards AND the cute dates. Go to bed. Start again. That’s your lot in life.

No no no. Don’t do this to yourself. I can’t get bitter. I have to stay positive. And I have to sleep. I HAVE to. I need to sleep if I’m going be fresh enough to survive anyway. Come on Chewie. Stop thinking about every damn thing and just sleep.

Maybe I should count sheep or something.

“One sheep. Two sheep. Three sheep. Four…”

Oh screw it. That’s doesn’t work. Now I just want to chew the sheep’s faces off. Oh man, how good is chewing faces off!

You know I never asked my mom what a Bacca is. Man, I must’ve LOVED chewing them as a kid to get named after them. They must have been YUM. I probably just shoved my face into bowls of them and chewed them like some sort of animal. Not even waiting for the table to properly be set. Like…


I just had an idea.

I just thought of something.

Yes, yes, yes!

It’s the best line ever.

Next time I see someone eating something just with their face I can yell out...

“Use the forks!”

Lol. That’s brilliant.

Wait no, even better. I could yell it when I see someone struggling with chopsticks

Lol. Genius.

“Hey buddy (tee-hee) instead of struggling with those… USE THE FORKS”.

YES! I’ll bring the house down. Now THAT will get me remembered. YES. Goddamn YES!

Man, I hope Han’s up for Chinese food soon.

Ok, ok, ok, I have to plan this right. I can’t just suggest it, can I? I can’t make it clear it was my idea, or the joke won’t seem off the cuff.

But then again Han hardly ever suggests Chinese.

Oh man. How can I get him to think about it on his own.

Maybe I can just like play around with the hyperdrive or something, and when he says “what the hell are you doing in there Chewie” I can be all like “just NOODLING around”.

Or or or, I can like clean out the toilets and ask him “should I just DUMPling this stuff into a pile of space junk and hope the Imperial Green Police don’t catch us, or is that too big a RICE..SK”.

“Just risk it Chewie” Han will probably say, “say for some reason I suddenly feel like Chinese food, want to go to Ming Koks for dinner” he’ll ponder my way.
“Chinese? That’s out of the blue Solo, let’s do it”, I’ll roar nonchalantly, while casually preparing the Falcon for the jump into light speed.
“You’ve been manipulated again Solo”. I’ll think with a chuckle.

Wait, I just realized something. Solo? He doesn’t even NEED that second name. It’s redundant. Otherwise he’d be Hans plural. Han singular leaves the Solo implied for damns sake. I don’t have a second name. Man, Han just get’s fucking everything doesn’t he?

Wait, wait, no no no. Did I just hear him in the other room saying “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”?

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fall asleep now and pretend you didn’t hear it.

Come on buddy fall asleep.

Now please.

Come on.

You can do it.

Just stop thinking.

Sleep away.

Come on damn it.

Oh fuck I think I just heard the deflector shield get activated.

Here we go fucking again.

Well this time, if Han nicks my Bowcaster again, and takes all the plaudits again, then I am TOTALLY gonna make him shout the Chinese Food! Suck on that, Solo.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Signs your shirt would make a poor plane (Don’t read this naked; well bottom half naked is ok)

 Congratulations, you did it, you put on a shirt today (please ignore this congratulations if you have instead put on some different form of top side of body practical clothing option. For YOUR personal congratulations please wait for the appropriate blog to reach your beautiful eyes shortly, or longly, depending on your top side of body clothing choice of choice). 

But is it a good shirt? I don’t know. I can’t see it. But also, of course it is. Shirts are ace. I wear them frequently. Sometimes even when I’m asked instead to wear a spray of tiny cut up pieces of glass. Which is, at best, only my third favorite type of top side of body cover. 

So let’s just brass tax this bad boy out down to the facts Jackson - shirts are awesome. 

Yet. YET. Would this kick ass shirt your wearing have made it so close to the top if it had have taken on a different profession? 

Probably, right? If you’re good at stuff you’re probably good at other stuff too. Like I’m good at writing random made up words which don’t fit the gulupital nature of the current sentence. So it stands to reason that I’d also be great at hiding giraffes under air conditioning vents, right? So I’ll probably just do that one day, and be honored for my contributions in helping giraffes live in homes without paying market rent. 

Still, I’m here to tell you, it’s not ALWAYS the same deal with your shirts. 

The point is, obviously, that before you reassign your shirt to be an airplane, here are some signs that this shirt in particular may, shock horror, make a BAD airplane. 

1. None of the buttons hold the current Federal Aviation requirements in regards to jet-fuel. 

2. The sunglasses dangling off the v-neck are NOT aviators.

3. You ask for a lift to the airport and the response is anything other than 'fuck off, it's my ONE day off'. 

4. Less than 80% of its seats armrests host working headphone jacks. 

5. If you spill poop on it, it doesn’t just suck it into the engine with a mighty force that seems to come from as deep as hell and then spray it all over the Atlantic. 

6. It’s sixteen tones of geniusly crafted steel and advanced computer technology, but shaped more like a boat than a plane. 

So there you go. 

If you ended up with a good plane congrats! Kaboom.

If not bad luck, but at least be thankful you didn’t end up wearing a spray of tiny broken up pieces of glass, you got a shirt damn it, and shirts are ace! 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Don’t say this name, PLEASE!!!

Hello lovely people. This is my/ our melbourne international comedy festival show. We like it. Audiences are having an absolute ball. The show is a beautiful explosion of diamond encrusted joy. But social media hates us. And has banned us.  Our theory is that Zuckerberg was called a dickhead a lot at school. Anyways... this is us. Hopefully we’ve circumnavigated the algorithm of lack of genuine intelligence and/ or continued to fail :)