Saturday, September 5, 2015

Compliance - a poem

David, a semi-regular writer of poems.
Challenged himself to write a whole poem in the time it took to get from Sydney's Town Hall station to Central station.
On the train.
And that's only one stop.
And he was already on the train.
So he did not want to dilly-daddle.
Wait is that the right term? 
Yeah I think so. 
His random word offering app gave him the word - compliance - as inspiration.
I guess this poem fits that definition.
And the train has only just started moving.
He thought. 
Sure it technically complied. 
But its nothing super special, probably only regularly special. 
'Hmmm' he thought. 
'Hmmm' he added. 
'Um' he pondered.
'Fuck it, I've got a minute or so' he declared out loud, making fellow passengers fear he was about to do something rash. 
And we was. 

He wrote this.

Michael, a lawyer who specializes in arbitration between tenant and landlord disputes. 
Took a shit on his neighbors porch.
He had absolutely no beef with them.
So he was confident of getting away with it. 

He was happier with this one.
Cause it combined two of his loves.
Shitting in strange places. 
And the law. 
Yep this one really was super special.