Wednesday, August 26, 2015

On the run

Roger was on the run from the law.

'I'm on the run from the law!' He'd say when people asked why he was running.
'Oh really? I always thought that was more of a general spirit, rather than a literal thing' people would reply.
'Huh?' Roger would ask.
'What I mean is that I didn't think people running from the law would be literally running, not all the time at least, I thought hiding in basements, cellars, closets or treehouses would be at least half of it?' They'd re-explain.
'Yeah, you're just being ignorant' Roger would accuse. 
'That's a bit harsh, the tone in my voice is clearly indicating surprise yet also acceptation of new knowledge, no need to insult the state that have just moved past' They'd say, defending their position. 
'Fair enough, it's just that your ideas were so Ill-informed and cliche, no, no it's ok, you're right, we shouldn't chastise reformed ignorance' Roger would accept. 
'I appreciate that, cause yeah, knowledge is learned when it's learned, wait that's a stupid statement, learned when it's learned, no shit, holy redundancy, ha ha' they'd chuckle. 
'Ha ha ha' Roger would laugh. 
'Hhaaaaa haaaaa haaaa' they'd chortle. 
'Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaa ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa' Roger would howl. 
'Ha ha haaaaaa ha haaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha' they'd hysterically unleash. 
'Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaasa ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaasaassass ha' Roger would roar. 
'Ha haaaa haaaa ha ha haaaaa, cough, oh god I'm going to puke, wow laughing hysterically while running is hard' They'd say, nearly choking.
'Yeah man' Roger would reply 'but you get used to it. How come you are out running anyway?'
'My stupid boss wants us to try some new methods' they'd state. 
'Oh what do you do?' Roger would ask.
'I'm a cop!' They'd say.

And that's why Roger is currently hiding in your closet.