Thursday, July 2, 2015

Donkey Donkey Donkey

'Donkey, Donkey...... Donkey oh god damn it!!!' Said Mitch.
He'd just been lost a bet.

'I bet you can't say Donkey twice without at least thinking about saying it a third time, probably even saying it!'
Don had made his living off this bet for six years now.

'It came to me by accident one day' he explained to me, when I was given a rare chance to interview this great man 'you see I saw a donkey, so I went "donkey" and then right away I saw a second donkey so I went "donkey" and even though I didn't see a third donkey, and never even went close to seeing a third, I realized I was still thinking the word "donkey" and even had the desire to say it, it was a revelation'.

‘Astonishing’ I replied, and thankfully Don continued.

‘It took another six years to figure out how to monetize this weird anomaly, I was chatting to a friend one day, once again frustrated, and angry, “I know I can make money from this, I CAN, I just can't unlock the secret” I said, slamming my fists down on the table in the coffee shop.
“No you can't, so please, please, please stop fucking going on about it” my friend replied.
“So you're telling me that you think you can say Donkey out-loud two times back to back and not even think about saying it a third time” I disputed.
“Of course I could” he replied.
“Wanna bet,” I said, without even thinking about it. I don't know where it came from, I'm not normally so confrontational, so aggressive, so daring and I certainly was not a gabling man, but then I guess (chuckling to himself) it turned out I still wasn't, let's just say that I didn't pay for my ham, cheese and tomato hold the tomato omelet that day, in fact I've never paid for one again’.

'So why reveal the truth, why expose yourself?' I asked 'Surely once the secrets out the ride will be over, or at least the ride will be over run with new riders?'

'Oh exactly!' He stated with not a hint of irony or sarcasm in his voice.

'Exactly? EXACTLY?  You’re saying exactly? You've got the golden goose man!' I replied shocked.

'Look Dave, I get why you're so surprised. When I made this discovery, believe me, I knew I was set, I was thinking, "This is it! This is what I'll be doing for the rest of my life!" I didn't doubt it. I KNEW it. But now six years in, it might sound weird, but as good as this is, I'm ready for another challenge. I need to go Avante-Guad, challenge the status quo, and be truly creative again. Throw off this seemingly impenetrable armor and be vulnerable again. Like when Clooney left ER. It might be a failure. But I still have to try. And I couldn't without first giving away "Donkey, Donkey, Donkey" so it's out there now, for the whole world to use!'

'You're a generous man Don'

'I'm really not, just a dreamer, just like everyone else.'

'Well you're definitely an inspiration.'

'Well I don't know about that, but thank you'.

'So then there's only one question left to ask, what IS next, where do you start?'

'Great question Dave. But to be honest I'm really not sure. I know I need to delve deep into my soul, find out what I fear the most, then take on THAT as hard as I can. It scares me to death, so that's how I know it could be right,

So, ok I'll let you in on a secret, I'm contemplating trying out 'Mule Mule Mule', I know I know I know, it couldn't possible work right? Exactly. Plus, and this is where your head will explode, instead of betting for a ham, cheese and tomato hold the tomato omelet I'm going for Everest and trying for a Frittata!!! I may never be seen again, but to be brutally honest eating nothing but omelets was starting to bore me.'

Well there you have it folks. Don is out there exploring, dreaming, taking on life with open arms, aren’t you all inspired? What are you going to do next?