Thursday, May 25, 2023

Arnold’s Woof - A Poem

Arnold thought “Bingleberry” was a bad name for a dog.

So, naturally, he called his dog “Rocky” instead.

He’s regretted it every day since.

Well at least everyday since the new neighbors moved in

Along with their much bigger, much more athletic, much more charasitmatiic, woofer named…


Arnold’s wife hasn’t seen those movies, so he has so far kept his discomfort to himself.

She’s also forgotten ever suggesting the name Bingleberry.

So when he sometimes, two pints in, rosy cheeked, and cheeky souled, exclaims maybe Bingleberry isn’t so bad after all?”

She thinks “maybe that was a sex thing we did one day?”

Then she gets confused when he then takes the dog for a walk.

Please Note: Not one person in this story even considered naming their dog Mr T. Sorry dude.

Please note 2: Rocky loves playing with socks, aawwwww.

                                                                            Photo: Mr T 

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

It's Hippopotumus Day

It’s hippopotamus day here on the Fantastical everyone, so time for yet another run of fun hippopotamus fact funs!

Fun fact funs one: 

If you put a pair of suit pants on a hippopotamus and then take it to the suit shop where you bought the pants, and ask it to pick out a jacket, it will instinctively choose the suit jacket which exactly matches the pants! 

Hell yeah! 

Please note: This only works if both pant and jacket pockets are overflowing with full sized ripe watermelons. 

Please note 2: If you get the inseam of hippos pants even one inch too short it will bite your face off. 

Please note 3: Hippos generally don’t like wearing pants. 

Please note 4: Even in a nice, finally tailored, matching professional business suit, hippos are rarely good at offering sound financial advice. 

Please note 5: Just be sensible with your Hippopotamuses please people, PLEASE! 

Fun Facts Fun Two: 

Some Hippopotamus have teeth! 

Who knew? 

Hell Yeah! 

Photo: A Hippopotamus in pants