Wednesday, May 24, 2023

It's Hippopotumus Day

It’s hippopotamus day here on the Fantastical everyone, so time for yet another run of fun hippopotamus fact funs!

Fun fact funs one: 

If you put a pair of suit pants on a hippopotamus and then take it to the suit shop where you bought the pants, and ask it to pick out a jacket, it will instinctively choose the suit jacket which exactly matches the pants! 

Hell yeah! 

Please note: This only works if both pant and jacket pockets are overflowing with full sized ripe watermelons. 

Please note 2: If you get the inseam of hippos pants even one inch too short it will bite your face off. 

Please note 3: Hippos generally don’t like wearing pants. 

Please note 4: Even in a nice, finally tailored, matching professional business suit, hippos are rarely good at offering sound financial advice. 

Please note 5: Just be sensible with your Hippopotamuses please people, PLEASE! 

Fun Facts Fun Two: 

Some Hippopotamus have teeth! 

Who knew? 

Hell Yeah! 

Photo: A Hippopotamus in pants

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