Friday, December 22, 2017

Ice – A poem

Big was the ice block
Really big
A big bloody ice block
And icy was the ice on this big ice block
Really icy
Every part of its iciness was made of ice
And pure was the ice that made it icy
Pure in a the purest ice way ice can be
And blocky was the block on this huge block of ice
Big and blocky
Blocky in a way that can only be achieved with blockhead commitment to blocking out any influence that wasn’t blockiness
Altogether this made for a big block of ice
Really big
Big in iciness
Big in blockiness
And big in block of ice type ice blockiness
Oh yeah, Icy and big was the big ass bitching bad motherfucker of a big ass bitchin’ motherfucking ice block

Later on, there was a puddle

The End

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