Monday, November 15, 2010

Religion explained

It just occurred to me that last night my dream world took me into the heart of the Scientology celebrity center in Los Angeles where I saw John Travolta, Tom Cruise and for some reason Michael Douglas!!! Also everywhere you looked there were pools and hot-tubs and they were all full of topless girls.

Something about this dream made something painfully clear to me - I have a deep fear of one day getting to the bottom of my clean clothes pile and discovering that I have only one clean sock!

Cause then what the hell do you do?

Wear one dirty sock and one clean? Wear two dirty socks? Or wear no socks?

It’s a nightmare of numerous options all bone crunchingly awfully death like where they all suck and will make you look weird and other less than desirable type dealys.

It’s like being told you’re going to be shot, hung or stabbed, but only worse, cause with socks you have to live with your decision!

I really don't know how to handle this, I just hope they're is a solution to this fear in my dreams tonight, or you know, at least more topless girls.


  1. i like your idea of creating a blog to write all the crap that goes in your head. specially if it's wicked crap. but man, this pink background and this times new roman lettering is killing me. It's not visual attractive. if ur spending some quid advertising this on fcbk u must at least make it readable. i couldn't read shit.


  2. Cheers man, I have been planning on getting this professionally designed, but maybe I can have a play myself in the meantime :)