Friday, April 16, 2010

Tis magical' tis so

I have to do a Shakespeare monologue performance tomorrow so time to embrace my inner tiseses dealies!

What do you get to do that's even MORE awesome?????

Its the magical Questionnaire for tomorrow nights second edition of Ok, intriguing: Hell Yeah!!!

You can answer these questions anyway you would like, creatively, honestly, angrily, happily, what ever you want, and either email me at or just reply to them below, and we will use your answers to inspire our show, tis that awesomenessous.

Questions -

Sometimes coins are smaller than other coins worth less than said coin. Can you think of any other poorly worded sentences?

The weird thing about yelling is?

One thing I would hate to have fall on me from a great height is ________? Because ________?

I'm baffled by ______?

Have fun! I think we're going to do the show from a different site tomorrow as we figure it out, but same time as last week, 6pm US Pacific time Friday, and I will post all over the interweb more details tomorrow!

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