Monday, April 5, 2010

Come in and get crazy awesomenessous with us

Hey lovely people,

Its all happening, sort of

Ok, intriguing: hell yeah! is having a soft launch this week

Friday at 6pm US pacific time
Friday at 9pm US Atlantic time
Saturday 1pm AUST East coast time
Other times in your areas

Please note I am totally useless at figuring out time differences, and I will put a more details and possibly more accurate list later this week :)

So what is Ok, intriguing: hell yeah!

This is a brand new comedy talk show hosted by us and

We are

From Sydney, Australia

David Tieck - comedian, author, writer, improviser, border line insane

From London, England

Eliza DeAngeles - musician, singer, poet, all round rock chick hottness, crazy minded funny girl

From Phoenix, USA

Faith Willman - comedian, actress, improver, singer, cute as a kitten in a tree, and awesomely purpley

We are a talk show which explores everything intriguing in bizarre and absurd and hilarious ways.

And the best thing is YOU inspire everything we talk about! How? I hear ou ask if your still reading at the point

I'm glad you asked - And the answer is in TWO ways, that's right, more than one, and one of the ways has multiple ways, thats numerousness!

The two ways are

1. By sending us pictures. We will be shooting in front of a green screen, which means our background on the show can be anything we bloody want, and we want what you want because we want to be wanted and feel people want to be part of what we are doing and that. Send us any pictures you've taken or found and kind of think might be interesting to be the backdrop of a talk show, or pictures you think might inspire some humor from us. We will be improvising most of the show, and with a randomly changing backdrop all sorts of craziness shall ensure. Yay.

2. The magical questionnaire. This is a bunch of random questions I will ask you awesome people, which you can reply to in anyway you like, and will inspire what we talk about on the show. This questionnaire will change all the time, and anytime you want to suggest a question for the questionnaire just let me know. The first magical questionnaire will be posted on my next blog. The first responder will have a whole section of the show dedicated to your answers, the rest will be used live on the show as suggestions for us to improvise jokes off, yay, fun for everyone.

Send photos and questionnaire responses to please

We're going for a soft launch this Friday, which means we are starting out very simply until we can figure out all the technical stuff, and over the course of a few weeks we'll be building our set, getting the green screen running and sending out press releases. Any suggestions for anything will always be much appreciated :)

Oh we will be live in interactive on air, there will be a chat room and you can talk to us directly as the show goes on, so be part of it live if you can, or catch it anytime after.

Fuck me, this is getting long, basically it's

Ok, intriguing: Hell Yeah!

Check us out at this link

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