Friday, April 2, 2010

A premonition

It's forty two hours until I am due to turn myself in to begin my jail sentence and I have one thing on my mind - socks.

We were allowed to bring our own socks into the prison with us, and if I have one chance to express my individual comfortability, class, culture and chic awesomenessous you better believe I was not willing to mess this one up.

After all it had been a fashion mistake which had gotten me arrested in the first place. Lesson for you ladies and gentlemen - Never wear boutique custom blood red pattern leather pants with purple fringe when robbing a bank. Trust me!!!!

When blood red pattern leather pants get all sweaty they are bloody hard to get off, and that's going to make your getaway hell yeah more noticeable. Damn you David Lee Roth and your awesome passion for impractical yet gorgeous fashion. Damn you to hell!

It was time to go shopping. Sock shopping. And when I am about to go shopping for coverings for my feet one thing you can know for damn sure - Things were about to get sexy.

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