Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To answer your question, wait the other way

Chris says

The weird thing about yelling is?

We seem to be the only mammal this size that has to try hard to do it!!! I'd love to Yell freely, but it just hurts!

I know and that makes me mad, which makes me want to yell more, and then I am yelling at the pain cause by the yelling which leads to a break down of all society, and now there is no society which really makes me mad, and just as my rage gets so out of control that my head is about to explode it hits me, cartoon characters don't have real voices, they have other persons voices, isn't that kinda weird? Then the yelling kind of just drifts away.

One thing I would hate to have fall on me from a great height is Blessings? Because the greater the height they fall from, the greater an impact they may have on my life?

Yes and blessings are fucking vicious, I once sneezed and this girl walking past said "god bless you" and I am like "fucking hell, that's all I need, not just a blessing, but a blessing from god, the most powerful thing in the fucking universe dealy OR possibly even the most powerful thing ever imagined, and if he is only imagined then he can do fucking anything, like in your imagination he can have your fingers turn into peanuts and then have elephants come and eat your peanut fingers, and then have hunters come and hunt the elephant, and then have non-vegan food experimental enjoyment of that experiment people go "yeah I'll try an elephant steak" only then it turns out that out that out and that I made a mistake but I am running with it and then because of those food allergies you know to peanuts, they die, thats just how powerful an imaginary god can be, which is fucking psycho powerful which can be scary if you believe in such things, so how about keeping your blessings to yourself you bitch.

Wait, no that I think about it she was just being nice, sorry.

I'm baffled by the thought of destiny, if it is so, then why do I only seem to feel it when I'm not living in it!!?

Wow, you can feel it when you're not living it, ME ....... TOOOO!!! It feels a little naughty doesn't it? Yet it isn't and that in itself is a conundrum which can drastically changed your entire destiny in itself. Its a wild ride, Chris and I know, one day you may too.

Oh the new location for Ok, intriguing: Hell Yeah! is right here

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