Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why do I do it?

I was given a challenge in acting class today to ask myself why am I an actor, and then keep asking it over and over again, changing my answer each time, without editing myself.

As I have my finger in all the delicious artistic pies, I thought about it as why am I an artist?

Here is what I wrote

To explore my creativity with body, voice, and mind

To escape myself

To work with other interesting people

To explore different types of people

To be noticed

To entertain

To show what can be done

To have fun

To find myself

To be crazy

To let go

To be happy

To prove I'm talented

To prove people wrong

To be accepted

To be wanted

To be chased

To be told I'm good

To understand

To be understood

To be recognized

To make people laugh

To reach the world

To be seen and have people enjoy seeing me

To be free

To change the world

To change minds

To push boundaries

To explore what others are afraid to explore

To unleash whats too often held in side me

To discover

To learn

To challenge myself

To see what I'm capable of

To exorcise some demons

To matter to people

To be on a strangers mind, to be thought about and talked about

To be different

To be unique

To be diverse and change often and be random and to not know what's coming next

To strive to be the best

Why do you do what you do?

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