Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wanna come with me?

Usually I would have been wary of a stranger coming up to me and saying 'hey do you like pins? If so you should come to SmithWicks with me?'

Not today however. I was wary free. It surprised me how wary free I was to be honest. So much so I was wary of my lack of wariness.

I mean I do like strangers obviously. They inspired Doors songs. They are the most likely people to offer you candy when you're a kid. And almost everyone I'm currently friendly with was a stranger at some point. Some of them are strangers still today! Yep that's right, I'm the kind of fellow who befriends those who have yet to make their acquaintance with every person. Sure in my friends' cases it's less of a time constraint keeping them as strangers to various people and more because they are trying to make acquaintance with every species of amphibian before focusing on humans, but I met most of them while making Sugarless Flea Wine, so who am I to judge?

Also I do love pins, obviously, especially when they are being used to pin something awesome up. Like a weird colored leaf, or a drawing of a rambunctious pig, or a cool poster advertising something super cool like a 'pins at SmithWicks' night.

I didn't know SmithWicks well at the time but clearly it was an awesome place. I mean 'smith' is short for blacksmith, and they used to make swords! And 'Wick' is short for 'Chadwick' who was a soccer player for Manchester United in 1896 before he randomly disappeared only to make a surprise comeback for three games in 2009, now with an intensely pronounced overbite, which just goes to prove that you can do amazing things as a ghost if you're willing to be supremely ugly.

So it must have been the words 'if' 'so' 'you' 'should' and 'come' that sourced my wariness at my lack of wariness. 

- Should
- You
- So
- If
- Come

All weird words. All one syllable. All practically meaningless unless inserted and ordered correctly into a meaningful sentence. Usually a sentence made up by a weirdo on the street. So why wasn't I wary of them? 

Perhaps I am maturing. Perhaps I am becoming more 'literal' in my old age. Perhaps having a weird colored leaf pinned to my left eyeball was distracting me. I really don't know. But 'if' 'you' 'have' 'an' 'answer' you're probably smarter than me, and if so want some candy? I have some that was given to me by an overbite ridden stranger so you know it's awesome.

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