Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to know you've made it

You know that moment when your teacher deals with a student with a differing opinion by saying "Sorry to disagree with you, but I did make a documentary on the subject, and that documentary won an Oscar"

Well experiencing this moment isn't quite making it, unless that is your dream, which it isn't, or unless you're that teacher, which you are, not and well also taking into account that this moment has probably never happened, unless it has, in which case it definitely has happened, but you probably weren't in the class when it did, unless you were, in which case most people will probably say 'you liar', unless they believe your story, in which case I hope they are your close friends, because there should be more believers out there, unless they actually said 'you're a liar' and you said it's 'you liar you idiot' and they replied 'I said "you're a liar" which is perfectly fine you idiot', in which case they probably aren't that good a friend, so fuck em. 

Then again I don't need friends like that, because I do now have a new teacher, and he has made a documentary, and it was one that won an Oscar, for best documentary even, because that's the most likely category to win an Oscar in for a documentary, because apparently documentaries aren't good enough for best film, even my unmade documentary ideas that would be way more likely to find funding if Oscars are up for grabs, and yet teachers documentary is about stuff that someone may make someone say "well what about if this was true" and it made him say "well I did win an Oscar" only he said it after a whole different thing happened, and he also said other interesting stuff.

Plus he's probably only been teaching for 40 years or so, with say several hundred students each year, and I am one of them, so yeah, I guess you could say I've made it.


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