Saturday, March 30, 2013

Oh man, so it turns out abortion IS evil!

According to the good people over at the institute for Freakonomics, the huge falls in crime rates in New York City and other major US cities over the past lazy decade or three, was caused not by better police tactics, improved education or successful social polies, but is in fact directly linked to the legalization of abortion.

As the theory goes, unwanted children, often those growing up in poverty and/ or unloving and broken homes are those most likely to turn to crime, and a whole slew of these unwanted babies were instead aborted - leading to your TV still being where you last left it, your gasoline only being siphoned occasionally instead of regularly and your pants being left unpeed in due to a super scary mugging. God bless abortion!

I didn’t read this whole article, but you may: freakonomics

But here is the problem – it is also usually these types of fucked up, unloved, psychologically damaged and emotionally scarred people who both make unique, boundary pushing art and/ or seek out and support these artists allowing them to be popularized and enter the mainstream, and in their absence we’ve been left with the likes art and artists made and supported by people who’s parents actually wanted them, like Beiber, Kardashians and Twilights. Fuck you abortion!

These aborted babies may have included the people responsible for the next genre changing rock band, indie film movement or kids who would have shot the Kardashians before they got on TV! Oh no, what have we done.

The point is, if you still want to enjoy art made by the physiologically damaged then read my book - The Embarrassing Memory Murderer, it’s all about all the psychological damage I have suffered through – available in various places online including here:

Discussion points

1.     Having read this are you still pro-choice?
2.     Is using such a hot button debate point to ultimately try and sell my book awesome or what?
3.     Should I have been aborted?
4.     'Silence is golden... I swear!!!! You must believe me, please!'
5.     Was this screamed by
a.     A deranged gold miner, frustrated by all the screaming he can’t stop doing?
b.     The Goose that laid the golden egg trying not to be snatched? Or
c.      A gold necklace being tortured over where she's hiding her kids, knowing that if they are found they will be melted into bricks?
6.     The answer is C. and those kids were found and melted, and she was forced to watch.
7.     Oh my god, who thought an abortion blog could end so sad?
8.     At least you probably didn’t pee your pants today.

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