Monday, February 23, 2015

Best Day Ever - Who doesn't like treats?

I'm going to go ahead and say it; I like the word 'implement'. In fact I think it's totally swell.

Why? Because when the word 'implement' comes out to play it means that ideas have been had, possibly even discussed, potentially even agreed upon, and perhaps based upon these ideas, discussions and conceivably even agreements, someone's decided to take action. That's plausibly powerful, which is feasibly awesome. Which would be rock solidly great.

Like say if there was a country called 'Implematia', which was a small island nation off the Amelia coast of the former Eastern Block sovereignty of Karacha, which is a region most notable for the nice things they say about Italy. Then say Implematia had a GDP which was heavily dependent on the export of a small grasshopper like insect, called Guggles, which Uzbekistani owners of pet Fire Lizards liked to give as treats, when their lizard’s had been behaving well. Then say that an Implementian politician had had an idea, that was discussed and based on these discussions there was an agreement, which lead to an implementation of this idea. And now add in that the original idea was that there were thousands of Guggles completely infesting the entire island, and that even though the building of some beach resort hotels would most likely disturb a few nests, but not enough to put even a slight dent in the overwhelming infestation of Guggles, far more than could ever be exported to Uzbekistan, so that this part of their GDP would not be disturbed, but that the enormity of potential tourist dollars could not be scoffed at, then the following would probably also be true:

-You’ll all now be wondering if the word ‘Implement’ was coined in Implematia.
- You’ll all now be wondering where you too can get a pet Fire Lizard.
- You’ll all currently be fantasizing about a sweet holiday by the beach in Implematia.

Yep, that’s a great word that implement!

Now even though today has been the best day of my life I have had an issue all day. I went to the dentist a few days ago with teeth that didn’t hurt at all, and now they have hurt every second since I left the dentist, plus because I can’t damn stop tonging the part of the back of my teeth that now feels coarse where the plaque or some shit was scraped out, my tongue hurts like shit too.

So I had an idea to distract me from my teeth and tongue and discomfort and instead be fantasizing about being in a sweet ass beach resort, and I just implemented the fuck out it.

I’ll go ahead and say it, yep I am one genius motherfucker. Although to be honest it didn’t fucking work. Stop tonguing that part Dave, for the love of fucking god why can’t I stop? It hurts, it’s uncomfortable, it sucks so bad. I feel like a fucking Fire Lizard three weeks since it’s last Guggle.

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