Thursday, June 25, 2015


Cameron, a tuxedo salesman, was on his way to a lavish affair.
The invite said ‘black tie optional’.
He opted for yes.

At the party Cameron studied the other men’s outfits and took great delight in wearing what he was sure was the best-fitted tuxedo worn by any man there.
His expertise, his excellence, his mastery of the fit, was finally going to pay dividends.
Surely he would be a hit with the ladies. 

He was right too.
In fact six different women formed crushes on him at first sight. 
He truly was the master of the fit. 

However every one of them saw the way Cameron was studying the way the other men were attired and assumed he was gay.
A guy in a cheap ill fitted rental was the one who ended up shagging the swimsuit model.

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