Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Accurately- a poem

'When you're right you're right, and you my friend are right, VERY right' Sammy said to Steph.
'I'm righter than my right hand shaking the right hand of someone who was right about which side of the road we drive on here in America which is the right side, right on 3:15pm which is right when all the hands on the watch are pointing right!' she replied. 
Steph had just told Sammy her theory that if you could train frogs to play woodwind instruments you could probably make a lot of money. 
And yep she was definitely right. 
Their next three whole dates were focused on discussions on how they personally would spend this newly discovered hypothetical cash. 
Steph settled on an RV that could fly as fast as a jet, with a bed made out of the dreams of kittens, a jacuzzi full of warm maple syrup, a TV that automatically played Classic movies that were set in the very locations she ever found herself, only now staring her in all the lead roles, and a shower that didn't just wash off dirt but also body fat, cellulite and wrinkles. 
Sammy wanted air conditioning. 
It would soon become clear that Steph really was the thinker of the pair. 

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