Thursday, October 22, 2015

Considerably Fortuitous - A Poem

Adam sat and pondered...
He thought. 
He deliberated.
And then he went right back to pondering.
The topic - just where would the music industry be if fate hadn't intervened all those years ago... before music had even been invented.. And fortuitously conjured up the reality that the word 'love' rhymes with the word 'shove'. 

After six hours he finally reached an answer -
'Bout the fucking same' he said out-loud.
Then the lady on the bus sitting next to him got up and changed seat. 

Adam now moved onto his next topic of ponderation - wasn't this bus ride supposed to only be ten minutes? 

'This one threatens to be a doozy' he thought 'it may possibly even require a level of thought rare for me - consideration, perhaps even musing'

Then he realized...

'Oh shit' he thought 'that in itself is another thing to ponder, this is going to be a LONG bus ride'. 

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